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  Hello and welcome to the  Thaweavemaster Weaving Courses. 
So some of you may already know me Lisa Jackson aka "Thaweavemaster" . a little about me well I,ve been in the hair industry for 22 years and I have a passion to teach you all that I know . I had a tremendous amount of success and so can you!


Lets Get Laced
Lets Get Laced course is for the advanced hair stylist that's looking to enhance their skills and techniques to take them to the next level of the hair weaving industry! THIS IS NOT A BEGINNERS COURSE! 

  1. A new way to braid down your clients hair that will change how your clients view you as a professional.
  2. the proper way to mold caps for an illusion.
  3. How to create the illusion of natural hair.
  4. Why vendors are important.
  5. Learn how to make Knots disappear 
  6. Learn how to melt the lace making it undetectable to the eye and the camera.
Supplies for the class 

You will need a model with a clean scalp  "if a client have alopecia please let me know in advance. 
  1. You will need to bring a Sewing Needle and Nylon
  2. Tread."Please no cotton thread"?
  3. You will need to bring White Cutting Capes 
  4. Please come dressed in all black.
What will I provide 
  1. A list of vendors 
  2. 1 frontal and 3 bundles 
  3. Caps 
  4. Weaving Nets 
  5. Derma Melt
Please come prepared to work this is an 8 hour course lunch will be served.


Price of the course
The cost of the course is $500 a portion of that will go towards the cost of your frontal and bundles.

?You may pay a deposit of $250 to hold your spot.
the remainder balance is due by June 9,2018 by 2pm
All deposits are non refundable after June 1, 2018
All fee's must be paid bu June 9, 2018 get laced class full payment $500.00 USDDeposite $250.00 USD

IF YOU ARE VIEWING THIS ON A PHONE, PLEASE CLICK HERE to be directed back to our home page where you can use the PayPal payment option there to make your minimum $250 deposit or full $500 payment.

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